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A Political Agenda to Minimise Wages

Can workers in India's largest public works programme - the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme - be paid less than the statutory minimum wage? A discussion of what led to such a situation and the government's response to the demand of people's movements.

Learning to Protest

The book Countering Gender Violence: Countering Gender Violence: Initiatives towards Collective Action in Initiatives towards Collective Rajasthan comes at a time when state Action in Rajasthan response to women

Panchayat Elections in Rajasthan

Elections to the post of sarpanch in two panchayats in Ajmer district, Rajasthan represented a microcosm of Indian democracy in all its richness, irony and complexity. It revealed a high, immediate political awareness among voters, the seriousness with which they considered their vote and their complex psychology when it came to exercising choices. On the other hand, it demonstrated the all-pervading importance of money and how, in the absence of a strong implementation of the law to enforce democracy, transparency and public accountability, the lucrative business of being a sarpanch ultimately drove the contest.

Drought, Sustenance and Livelihoods

This article presents findings from a survey conducted in Rajasthan in March-April 2003, when the 'maha akal', the drought, was at its peak over large parts of rural Rajasthan and the government-initiated relief works were yet to make an impact. Covering 122 hamlets in 56 panchayats across nine districts, the report examines the manifestation of drought in people's everyday lives - specifically the ways food and water shortages impact men, women and children. It also examines the long-run impact of drought on people's assets and livelihoods and the coping strategies they adopt.

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