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Articles By Souradeep Banerjee

Victory sans Grandeur

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s dream of a Congress-mukt Bharat has received a setback and the verdict has debunked the myth of invincibility surrounding the party while demonstrating the limitations of a formidable electoral machinery. The metanarratives of caste, rural–urban divide and Hindu nationalism form the three leitmotifs of the recently concluded electoral battle in Gujarat. This election also became a referendum on Rahul Gandhi’s leadership.

Low Levels of Electoral Participation in Metropolitan Cities

In successive elections, electoral participation in India’s big, metropolitan cities has been lower vis-à-vis semi-urban and rural constituencies. In the absence of any empirical evidence, this phenomenon is often attributed by the media and political commentators to middle-class apathy and their disdain towards electoral politics. This article contests the popular claim and argues that in big cities, it is not the middle class but the urban poor who are unable to exercise their franchise.