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Decentralised Urban Governance in India

The objective of this paper is to analyse the impact of decentralisation on the mechanism for financing urban basic services in India, for which a decentralisation index is constructed. Analysis reveals that developed states, and larger cities/towns were the major destinations for domestic institutional funds and external assistance. The approach of full cost recovery and the imposition of strict financial discipline on state governments by the Reserve Bank of India will result in the further concentration of funds in these areas.

Governance in Delhi

There needs to be a clearer model of a national capital region than is operational at present.

Politics and Economics of Property Taxation

This paper attempts to analyse the role of property tax as a source of local revenue in India, particularly in the wake of the decentralisation initiative through the constitutional amendment of 1992. It studies the property tax reforms launched by some of the urban local bodies with the objective of improving their capacity to generate revenue, and analyses the financial implications of these reforms. The paper argues that there is a need for assessment of property tax based on factors that reflect the city's economic activities. The ability of the property owners to pay also needs to be taken into account.

Capital Account Liberalisation in India

This study attempts to explore the consequences for India of opening up the capital account. It builds a model to establish a formal link between capital flows and economic growth in the Indian context and reconciles the results from this model with the possible end-use of capital flows into different sectors.

Tax-free Municipal Bonds

The government has extended tax benefits to investments made in municipal bonds issued for urban infrastructure. Along with incentives, however, there is also a need to develop investor confidence in such bond issues.

Chandigarh: Making of a City

Chandigarh Lifescape: Brief Social History of a Planned City by Kavita Sharma, Chitleen K Sethi, Meeta and Rajivlochan; Chandigarh Government Press, 1999, pp 101, price not indicated.

Financing Capital Investments in Urban Infrastructure

In recent years arranging funds for infrastructural facilities, particularly urban basic services, has become the major plank of urban development policy in India. In the absence of a current account surplus, governments have been forced to look for alternative sources of financing long-term investments needed for urban basic services. This paper examines the nitty-gritty of alternative/unconventional modes of financing infrastructure, particularly, urban basic services in the country and analyses their feasibility in the current urban context.

Haryana : Elected City Governments

While the idea and practice of decentralised governance are spreading worldwide and also in India, Haryana has chosen to cut its municipal corporations down to manageable size - mainly by enhancing the power of the commissioner over the elected representatives.

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