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Whose Nation The Displaced as Victims of Development

The Displaced as Victims of Development Smitu Kothari Efforts at minimising displacement or improving resettlement will only be marginal, palliative and temporary if they are not contextualised in a wider socio-political context Three contentions support the argument: first, that the current patterns of economic development which are constantly invoked to justify the forced eviction of people all over the country, are themselves incompatible with the goals of creating wider conditions of equity and social security. Second, despite constitutional mandates, in an overwhelming number of cases, national and regional interests violate the interests of politically and economically weaker groups and individuals. Third, political and ecological solutions sought must recognise the need to both democratise the control over the resources and processes of production and regenerate the degraded ecological resources.

Violence on Gurpurab in Jammu and Its Aftermath

and Its Aftermath Madhu Kishwar Smitu Kothari The lesson of the communal riots in Jammu in mid-January is that even when relations between communal groups have been cordial for generations, serious trouble can break out due to the special interests of small groups and the abdication of responsibility by the administration and the political leadership. This is a grim lesson for the whole country.

There s Blood on Those Matchsticks- Child Labour in Sivakasi

Child Labour in Sivakasi Smitu Kothari Most studies on child labour have focused on the economic factors leading to employment of children and their recommendations have slopped at stressing the need for improvement of working conditions, payment of better wages, provision of facilities for schooling and stricter enforcement of applicable laws, This study of child labour in Sivakasi, where 45,000 children work-in the match and fireworks industries, seeks to go beyond the surface reality and investigate:

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