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Healthy Children, Hungry Adults

Siddharth Dube The single-minded focus on child survival has muzzled debate about the quality of life of those who survive into adulthood.
CONCERN about child survival has for some four decades dominated the theory and practice of international public health. The attention to lowering childhood death has, unarguably, paid visible and welcome dividends. Immunisation against infectious diseases, oral rehydration therapy to prevent diarrhoea deaths, and targeted nutrition programmes to control malnutrition have been prime factors in pushing down infant and under-five mortality in India and other poorer nations. But the single-minded focus on child survival has muzzled debate about the quality of life of those who survive into adulthood: how sick are they, what do they eat, are they still poor? The tiny number of people-virtually all from developing countries-who raise such worries have for long been dismissed as impractical fools. Their concerns are discounted by a majority of health experts and economists on the assumption that lowered infant and under-five mortality-and reduced malnutrition-are proof that all people are better off in all ways (for a recent example, UNICHF's The Progress of Nations, especially p 7). This assumption is vitally flawed.

US Foreign Policy after the Cold War

Arabia, would any longer gain from holding to physical control of oil alone Thus, the act of US intervention in the Persian Gulf, especially the fashion in which it was conducted, is explicable in terms of the US reaction to its hegemonic decline The rhetoric of oil is only a reminder of bygone years of glory, a backward looking justification that is trying to interject the past into the uncertain future As the saying goes: history recurred twice, the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce Notes This is a part of a longer lecture entitled 'Global Oil and the Iranian Oil Policy in the Aftermath of the persian Gulf War' given at the Ceatre for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University, Cambridge; MA, USA, on May 18.

US Economy Signs of Growing Crisis

Growing Crisis Siddharth Dube Is the US economy in decline? Does this threaten US primacy in world affairs? These two worries have gripped American economists, political pundits and the broad public as they face the coming century. Commentators speak of nothing but the US's loss of competitiveness, the threat of a Japanese take over, the astronomical fiscal deficit, shockingly low rates of saving and rising levels of unemployment and poverty.

Facade of AIDS Prevention

Siddharth Dube With the World Bank's $ 84 million loan to India for AIDS prevention, the Indian government is now in a strong position to counter the spread of HIV. However, the government and the World Bank will have to face up to the unpleasant social realities of why and how sexually-transmitted diseases spread if they want to establish something more than just a facade of prevention.

What Big Powers Want from UN

Siddharth Dube The international policeman concept that is being thrust upon the United Nations by the US is too closely derived from great power attitudes towards international affairs: the selective use of military might.

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