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Articles By Shobha S V

From Objectivity to Openness: A Study of Digital Journalism in the 2019 Elections

The easy availability of digital tools, big data analysis, and online social networking platforms have brought about a transformation in India’s public sphere. In this paper, we present our findings from an ongoing research study of primarily non-mainstream journalism, and the use of digital tools in the coverage of elections in 2019. Our main argument is that as the boundaries of professional journalism have withered, a culture of openness, rather than objectivity, has emerged as the defining aspect of political journalism. This shift towards being more transparent, and direct can enrich news-making, particularly in terms of dealing with misinformation, and responding to trolls who often act on behalf of party political agenda. However, as yet, few organisations seem prepared for training journalists in coping with the challenges of abuse and exclusions that are exacerbated during the election period.