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MAHARASHTRA-Survival on the Left

MAHARASHTRA Survival on the Left Sharayu Mhatre RECENTLY, a camp of rural students was organised by the Lal Nishan Party in Bombay. The 55 students who participated came from colleges in different districts of Maharashtra and belonged to families of middle peasants owning about 5 to 10 acres of dry land. The idea was to bring rural and urban students into closer contact with each other. The organisers had invited a few students from Bombay, and during the breaks between the formal sessions there was a lively exchange of views between the two groups, especially since the camp had followed the visit of some Bombay students to one of the district colleges.

Caste and Prejudice

August 29, 1970 heavy debt burden' (pp 35-38), It was also pointed out that, as a result of multipurpose projects which were heavily capital-intensive, some of the States are finding it very difficult to repay the loans, It leaves them with practically no money for other areas of development (p 37).

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