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Fertility Decline under Absolute Poverty-Paradoxical Aspects of Demographic Change in Bangladesh

Paradoxical Aspects of Demographic Change in Bangladesh Shapan Adnan In this somewhat speculative paper the author puts forward several hypotheses regarding the factors shaping fertility trends in Bangladesh, The specific problem addressed is that of explaining fertility decline under conditions of persisting absolute poverty. The analysis is set in the context of broader socio-economic and demographic trends in Bangladesh during recent decades. It is evident that the complex dynamics of fertility decline cannot be simply deduced from rates of poverty incidence. In fact there does not appear to be any unique relationship between the incidence of poverty and the direction of fertility trends.

Classical and Contemporary Approaches to Agrarian Capitalism

to Agrarian Capitalism Shapan Adnan The classical sources on the 'agrarian question' were concerned with developing general theoretical principles as well as applying them to particular social and historical contexts. The recent discussion on the mode of production in Indian agriculture drew upon the theoretical categories and arguments developed in these earlier texts, in particular the paradigm of capitalist development.

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