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Palk Bay and Fishing Conflicts

Of late, fi shing conflicts in the Indo-Sri Lankan waters in the Palk Bay have worsened leading to arrest, detention and even death of Indian fi shermen (“Fishing Conflict in Indo-Sri Lankan Waters”, EPW, 12 February 2011).

From Informal 'Co-adventurers' to Formal Workers? ILILO's Work in Fishing Convention, 2007

After a gap of 40 years the International Labour Organisation has adopted a new labour instrument - Work in Fishing Convention, 2007 (No 188) - for fishers on board fishing vessels through three discussions at the International Labour Conference between 2004 and 2007. Contrary to the earlier practice of a compartmentalised approach to fishing labour standards, a consolidated approach has been achieved by ilo in adopting this convention. In a single legal instrument it provides flexible and prescriptive standards with respect to minimum requirements for fishing, conditions of service, accommodation and food, occupational safety and health and social security. The scope of the convention, also for the first time, includes all types of vessel-based fishing, both large and small. However, it does not deal with non-vessel based fishing activities. This article provides a backdrop to the employment and labour dimensions, and to earlier ilo labour standards of relevance to fishing. It discusses the process which led to the adoption of the Work in Fishing Convention, 2007 and its salient aspects. Being an important instrument in establishing principles and criteria and in proposing a mechanism to improve labour conditions related to fishing, the article argues that the ilo member-states, in consultation with representative organisations of fishing vessel owners and fishers, should initiate a process to ratify the convention, develop national legislation to implement, and to apply its provisions, as appropriate, to benefit all fishers.

Coastal Management Zone: Implications for Fishing Communities

The 1991 Coastal Regulation Zone Notification is to be replaced by rules based on a new concept called the Coastal Management Zone. This article, after discussing the proposed CMZ notification, points out several problem areas, particularly, for traditional fishing communities. The article also discusses ideas to address these issues.

Fisheries Development Board: How Colour-fast Is Blueprint for a 'Blue' Revolution?

The setting up of the National Fisheries Development Board of India to boost the fisheries sector in the country does not really address issues that persist in fish production, processing and marketing; neither does it engage in sustainable utilisation of fisheries resources through far-sighted institutional and legal reforms.

Fishing Convention: India Should Vote for ILO Work Programme

This article argues that the government should support the proposed International Labour Organisation work on a fishing convention when it would come up again for adoption at the June 2007 ILC on the ground that a convention could benefit all Indians employed as fishers on board vessels of other flag states, as well as those working on board both large-and small-scale fishing vessels in India.

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