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Pakistan after Benazir

As one analyses the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, it comes to light that almost every institution, including the judiciary, is to blame for the current mess in Pakistan. The role of the US in building a new stable coalition to rule Pakistan is farcical.

Meditation on Haditha

The malevolent Bush administration has started to act like a cosy clan of CEOs, dishing out government booty to favoured corporate coffers and remoulding public policy to suit the narrow interests of key donors. It frequently overreaches and gets away with it. The latest example is that of Haditha, where US Marines systematically slaughtered two dozen Iraqi civilians last November.

Experiencing Islam, British Style

Exceptions apart, the British welfare state certainly helped draw most Muslims into the rich multicultural fabric of urban life. The role of religious fanaticism is consistently overestimated and misconstrued.

After the London Bombings

In their political outcome, the London bombings could turn out to be Britain's Madrid. The British people too may link the London attacks to their deceitful government that followed Bush into the profoundly unjust invasion of Iraq.

Hutton's Britain

Wishful thinking, blind self-interest and obsequious underlings have combined to produce terrible foreign policy messes many times. By now it is crystal clear that state intelligence services are not immune to political pressures and temptations. So British prime minister Tony Blair remains beset by a growing credibility problem despite, and to some degree because of Lord Hutton's obliging report.

Afghan Armageddon?

Short of the Taliban graciously handing over Osama bin Laden and his rabble no imaginable act of appeasement can stay the hand of the US military. But pure retaliation will not suffice. Ample ploughshares must accompany the shiny high tech swords if the hatreds that steered the fatal airliners are to be stemmed rather than stoked.

Pakistan : 'Regularising' the Poor

The Sindh Katchi Abadi Authority, led by Tasneem Ahmad Siddiqui, has devised a cost-effective model of housing for the urban poor in the Pakistani province. The objective is to tap ordinary people's ingenuity while improving and legalising their living conditions. The model has been so successful that it has won Siddiqui global recognition.

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