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(Re)imagining Feminist Solidarities in Academic Spaces

Feminist solidarities [1] bring people together from their positions in oppressive structures as the oppressed. However, this evolution needs to be questioned from an intersectional position where the linear documentation of the politics of solidarity building fails. This article attempts to contextualise feminism(s) in the readings of academia [2] and the transactions of its power(s) from a queer-feminist perspective. It documents sexuality on lines of sexual harassment faced by queer-trans persons and women, and locates trauma in this discourse. It aims to build a locus of storytelling of this trauma beyond whispering and (re)imagines solidarity-building and caretaking in these exchanges.

We Refuse to be Subjects of Experiment for Those Who Do Not Understand Us: Transgender Persons Bill

Bhavitha, a hijra person from Warangal, Telangana, was found dead on 2 December near a dustbin. The police did not allow her sisters and other hijra persons, to claim her body, because apparently, only biological parents or “blood relations” can lay such claims. Her body is not hers, but of the society. Burning her body might delete her corporeal existence, but the marks of the collective trauma that queer-trans people face every moment of their lives can never be erased. It is better to burn after death than to burn every day, and yet the heat kills only us, and not the ones who light the...
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