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The Mysore Sultans

The Mysore Sultans State and Diplomacy under Tipu Sultan: Documents and Essays edited by Irfan Habib; Tulika Books, New Delhi, 2001;
A SATYANARAYANA In recent years the problem of 18th century socio-economic and political transformation in India has attracted much scholarly attention. There has been a great deal of writing on the history of state formation and political process in 18th century and these studies have contributed new insights. In the general analysis of the nature and character of 18th century India one can identify divergent and conflicting notions and interpretations. Yet there are few comprehensive and systematic regional- level studies, especially on south India. Unless there is a detailed and concrete historical research into different regions of India it is not possible to convincingly and conclusively answer the various issues and questions raised by the debates about the nature and pace of change in 18th century India. It was a unique century

Dalit Protest Literature in Telugu-A Historical Perspective

A Historical Perspective A Satyanarayana Although there was no literary genre distinctively known as 'dalit literature' during the pre-independence period in Andhra, an examination of the literary works of certain dalit intellectuals indicates that the agony and anger of the dalit masses are reflected in their writings. This paper analyses the nature of literary representation of dalit problems and the emerging consciousness in the writings of selected dalit scholars.

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