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Blacks, Harijans, and Muslims

Caste, Race, and Politics: A Comparative Study of India and the United States by Sidney Verba, Bashiruddin Ahmed and Anil Bhatt; Sage Publications, Beverly Hills, California, 1971; pp 279.

On Industrial Societies

On Industrial Societies Satish Saberwal "CRITICAL analyses of modern society ... seek new possibilities, new dimensions of freedom, in its inner movement", says Norman Birnbaum in a superb example of this genre. This critique focuses primarily on Western Europe

On the Asians in East Africa

For Prestige and Power PROLONGED interstate rivalries, claims and counter-claims for benefits, and Jammu and Kashmir's special constitutional status made a take-over of the multi-purpose Thein Dam Project by the Centre inevitable. What Punjab's successive Chief Ministers have time and again claimed as the state's exclusive property will thus become the Centre's project. Understandably, Punjab's large group of highly experienced power and irrigation engineers feel sore about the decision. It is now considered doubtful whether their services would be effectively utilised at Thein after the completion of the Beas-Sutlej link and the Pong Dam. Many of them might in fact become idle after a couple of years. For nearly a decade, Punjab

Landlords into Industrialists

countries, cost structure of externally traded products, technological innovations affecting production and processing of the concerned products, growth of the industries using agricultural products, etc. The author discusses most of the relevant factors. However, no precise idea about the future behaviour of such factors or their impact on future demand for farm products is given. Instead broad possibilities are indicated. For doing so he makes extensive, though at times uncritical, use of data from publications such as the FAO's commodity reports. Of course at places the use of international data seems extravagant if not irrelevant (e g, tables indicating rice consumption in Ceylon, civilian consumption of soap and synthetic detergents in the USA, production of Kenaf in Thailand, etc).

Education and Inequality-An Essay in Political Sociology

An Essay in Political Sociology Satish Saberwal Of every five primary school age children in India, about two are out of school. This fact is of a piece with the inflation of our colleges and universities: in our highly inegalitarian social and economic system, the rewards for 'higher' education are excessive.

The Reserved Constituency-Candidates and Consequences

Candidates and Consequences Satish Saberwal Proceeding from the premise that inequalities in contemporary India are far greater than defensible, this paper assesses the Reserved Constituency for the Scheduled Castes as a mechanism for abridging these inequalities. The argument is based on field data from a Punjabi industrial town and concerns political processes in the sixties.

Wings for Sociologists-Report on an ICSSR Seminar

33 Ibid, February 5, 1862. 35 Ibid, February 28, 1862. 36 Ibid, March 4, 1862. 37 Ibid, March 6, 1862. 39 Ibid, March 3, 1862. 40 Ibid.

International Social Science-Some Political Aspects

International Social Science Some Political Aspects Satish Saberwal The expansion of the USA's role in the world is paralleled by the growth of interest among American social scientists in "the problems'' of the poorer world. As the Americans and the Canadians have greater financial and scholastic resources at their disposal for social science research, they have been able to acquire vast "banks" of information.


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