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The Demands of Contemporary History: A Comment

If the problem at issue is the way in which Indian history is currently conceived and practised, then where does the historical basis for that conception come from, if not from the serious distortions introduced by the vacillations of historians themselves?

The Cognitive and the Historical

The Cognitive and the Historical Responding to Sen SASHEEJ HEGDE If a good demonstration means simply an argument which is effective, where are we to stop?

Debugging Sovereignty

Debugging Sovereignty SASHEEJ HEGDE Not that the incredulous person doesn

Embedding the Colonial

Embedding the Colonial The View from Below: Indigenous Society, Temples and the Early Colonial State in Tamil Nadu, by Kanakalatha Mukund; Orient Longman, New Delhi, 2005;

Always Already Secular?

A theory of secularism in the sense of a theory about possessing the concept 'secular' is quite distinct from a theory about how the concept secular represents. Much of the debate on the secular-communal question has emphasised the latter aspect. This article argues, however, that the treatment of the secular-communal question is not only one of separating religion from politics but one that must be orientated towards the place of secularism. The secular-communal debate essentially ignores issues of ethical particularism, or the intranslability of concepts (i e, secularism) as well as the kinds of necessity that bind previous (or parallel) instances of a concept with a new one; hence the long-standing debate must also articulate an alternative for secularism.

Reframing Science Studies

Reframing Science Studies SASHEEJ HEGDE Iwould like to propose a few critical remarks concerning the conception of science studies as represented by a series of papers devolving upon the theme of


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