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Issues in Political Theory

political theory would generally be considered to be of interest only to students of political theory, a kind of in-group activity intelligible only to the initiated. In The Crisis of Political Theory Om Bakshi argues that this perception of the irrelevance of political theory for political practice is itself a symptom to the malaise which affects political theory in our times. He traces the roots of the disease to the influence on contemporary theory of certain dominant modes of inquiry

Political Theory and Method

November 6-12, 1983 requisite for understanding the effectiveness of preferential treatment.
The final question relates to the prospects and problems facing exports of countries such as India to the EEC and ACP, In the light of the preferential arrangements. This problem can be approached in two ways. First, given the constraints resulting from the ACP- EEC arrangements, countries like India can still examine ways and means of exploiting trading opportunities if any. The author has not considered this route. Second, recommendations can be made regarding changing the structure of arrangements in the EEC-AGP relationship to carve out a role for India.

Thought of Mao

Thought of Mao Sara Joseph Mao Tse-tung: Basic Tactics Translated and with an Introduction by Stuart R Schram ; F A Praeger, New York, 1966 ; pp viii -j149.

Industrialisation and Violence

Industrialisation and Violence Sara Joseph Riots In Rourkela, by B B Chatterjee, P N Singh, G R S Rao; Popular Book Services, New Delhi, 1966; pp 85, Rs 16.

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