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Gandhi’s Relevance in the 21st Century

Gandhi After 9/11: Creative Nonviolence and Sustainability by Douglas Allen, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2019; pp ix + 278, ₹ 845.


Bihar's Alcohol Ban

Nitish Kumar's decision to ban alcohol in Bihar may not address the problem of domestic violence, as he expects it will. The state will also lose Rs 4,000 crore in tax revenue. Moreover, bans have always led to black market sales, and then greater expenditure to enforce the ban. The answer to growing alcoholism and its related social malaise lies in higher taxes and limitations on access to alcohol.

Other Caste Senas

The recent Cobrapost sting, which resulted in a documentary film titled Operation Black Rain, has started a new debate about the bitter realities of the Indian judicial system.

Muslims: Beyond Godhra

Our media has totally ignored the deteriorating conditions of Muslims in Gujarat in the field of education, employment, health, etc, and focused only on issues related to Godhra.

Can the Subaltern Speak?

“Intervention, Identity and Marginality: An Ethnographic Account of the Musahars” by Shilp Shikha Singh (EPW, 18 May 2013) is fascinating to read but it also has some structural problems.

Historicising the Khap Panchayat

This is just a complementary remark on the article (“The Political Economy of Haryana’s Khaps”, EPW, 1 December 2012) by Neerja Ahlawat. My comment relates to not just this article but almost all the writings circulated in some recent months about khap panchayats.

False Hope

I can appreciate the point your editorial (“Marginalisation, Memory and Monuments”, EPW, 5 November 2011) made about the dalit rejection of the politics of paternalistic benevolence and social reform, and that should be.

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