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The Datta Samant Phenomenon—II

Before considering Datta Samant's role in the post-Emergency period in detail, it is necessary to look at three factors which helped to shape this period, from within the trade union movement.

The Datta Samant Phenomenon—I

Datta Samant has been the most talked of, enigmatic and controversial trade union leader in Maharashtra in the past few years. Working class activity in Bombay has come to be equated with the ventures of Datta Samant His involvement in long drawn out struggles, the militant following he commands and the bloody inter-union rivalries he has been associated with provide ideal ingredients for sensational news items. The struggles of the workers in the post-Emergency period in Maharashtra have by and large been portrayed as the struggles of Datta Samant.


of sympathy and support that the workers of the Swadeshi Cotton at Kanpur command in many sections of the public ,in the city. Noteworthy is the effort put into organising relief not only by the workers themselves but also by their sympathisers in Kanpur's industrial belt In contrast, what has amazed us is that in course of-these two months neither the Chief Minister nor the Labour Minister has cared to visit the mill premises or to meet the workers on the spot. The Labour Minister of UP, it may be noted, won the election from the constituency in which the mill is located.
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