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Articles By Sandeep Bhushan

'Regulation' and 'Non-Media' Money in Media

The close nexus between chit fund operators and politicians on one side and the media on the other typifies the growing importance of the media to political parties and to the political process in general. The path-breaking Telecom Regulatory Authority of India paper on "Media Monopolies" in August 2014 identifi ed the takeover of the media space by non-media corporates in order to alter the business environment to its advantage, as a very real threat. Like its predecessors, the National Democratic Alliance government has maintained a studied silence on all regulatory issues suggested by TRAI.

Manufacturing News

News studios have gradually become the site where news is "manufactured". Indeed, the very defi nition of "news" has changed as Indian television networks become increasingly promoter-driven. There are severe cutbacks in news gathering, reporters have been marginalised and the focus has shifted to studio-driven news presentations with outside "experts". From his perspective as a former television reporter, the writer analyses the current state of broadcast media.