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Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness

Sanat Lahiri The search for measures of advertising effectiveness has been on for years. A number of questions have been raised: Can advertising be measured at all? What is to be measured. What criterion of effectiveness is to be applied? How is it to be measured?

ADVERTISING-Lessons for India from the US

state will shape if and when Kamaraj takes over the state Congress, one can only speculate about at this stage. A major objective of the Congress would of course be to force an election to the state assembly before 1976, when it is normally due. The CPI, which now has an alliance with the DMK, may be counted upon to change sides promptly at New Delhi's behest. But weaning away the DMK's allies will not help much, considering the party's massive majority in the WHAT with Nader's raiders and the watchful eyes of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), advertising men in the USA have not had a dull moment in the last many months. In fact, the situation has hotted up so much in recent weeks that the citadels of Madison Avenue give the impression of battered boats after a storm. "The whole business", said the head of a US advertising agency, "is a vast confusion".

Role of Advertising in Industrial Marketing

Sanat Lahiri Advertising of industrial products wilt demand far greater attention than has been devoted to it in the past. Some of the basic rules for consumer goods advertising are just not valid for industrial products.

Motivation for Action

Sanat Lahiri Communications in India: Experiments in Introducing Change by Joseph E Kivlin, Prodipto Roy, Fredrick C Fliegal and Lalik K Sen, National Institute of Community Development, Hyderabad, 1968; pp 56; price Rs 4.

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