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Articles By Sam Noumoff

The Death of a Hero and the Birth of a Revolution

Vietnam’s general Vo Nguyen Giap was popularly known as the “Red Napolean”. A pioneer of modern guerrilla warfare, his role in the Vietnamese armed forces stellar victories over the colonial militaries of Japan, France and the United States inspired millions in the global South in their own anti-colonial struggles. A tribute on his passing away. 

US and North Korea

The conventional demonisation of North Korea has resulted in a distorted mirror of reality. From 1953 to 2013 the fundamental and primary objectives of the northern government have been (1) the signing of a peace treaty with the US, and (2) normalisation and a reparations agreement with Japan. Both these normalisation agreements are aimed at stabilisation of the Korean peninsula and are viewed as precluding any strategy of regime change. North Korea for 60 years has remained under the nuclear threat by the US, and all its attempts to address this danger are based on this threat perception.

Democracy with Chinese Characteristics

Matching public rhetoric by officials on the deepening of "democracy" in China, steps have been taken in the country to increase responsiveness, decentralise power and ensure greater access to information and decision-making processes. Yet, these fall short of overall aims of democratisation, defined in a manner which is distinct from western notions of political democracy.