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France: Past, Present and Future

With Nicolas Sarkozy at the helm of affairs in France, income and wealth inequalities are likely to widen in the country; Islamic immigrants targeted by jingoistic nationalists; and real wage rates pushed downwards.

FRANCE-Ideology Out of Fashion

Ideology Out of Fashion Salil Sarkar There are few signs that France will budge significantly from its European Community moorings. Occasional bitterness towards the EC is still far from articulate, and ideological disputes are out of fashion. Left-wing and right-wing can share and exchange ideas and policy prescriptions with no pangs of conscience about their initial basic references.

FRANCE- The Charms of Socialism

FRANCE The Charms of Socialism Salil Sarkar "SOCIALIST I am, socialist I will remain'', blustered president Francois Mitterand last year. Socialism, he perorated further in an interview in December, is the quest for a veritable social, economic and political democracy. Basic aims remain valid, though attaining them, he added, must lead through several phases. Intended as a morale booster for France's despondent left voters, such pep- talk has yet to erase their growing impression of having been taken for a ride.

Brussels Summit

Brussels Summit Salil Sarkar THE European Economic Community's latest summit of heads of state and government ended in resounding discord on March 20, With Britain rejecting the ultimate French inspired compromise solution to the question of its contribution to the EEC, and Ireland walking out in protest against the proposed cut-back in its, as also the community's, dairy production, press headlines shrieked out questions about the EFC's future survival. Indeed, the Brussels frasco aggravated the foul impression left by EEC's failure to arrive at acceptable responses to a number of problems raised at its council meet at Athens three months back.

FRANCE-Socialism of the French Variety

FRANCE Socialism of the French Variety Salil Sarkar THE euphoria which greeted Francois Mitterand's triumph in May-June 1981 reflected more a sign of relief among the French at the downfall of the corrupt right-wing coalition ruling France since 1958 than clear cut adhesion or even popular comprehension of the French socialists' hazy ideas on social change. Besides, the preceding government's failure to hold France's social and economic fabric together in the present critical period was proving frightful to the dominant sections of society. Radical change was anyway ruled out, as much by a variety of objective factors as by socialist and communist canalising of popular discontent along respectable constitutional lines. As to whether the Left victory in France is here to stay or is in mere conformity to the seesaw pattern of government alteration visible in the western world for the last few years, time alone will tell.

SPAIN-Return of Social Democracy

November 13-20, 1982 SPAIN Return of Social Democracy Salil Sarkar THE electoral victory of the Socialist Workers' Party of Spain (PSOE) had been prophesied since last August when the then prime minister Calvo Sotelo's Democratic Centre Union lost its parliamentary majority, The 201 Assembly seats out of a total of 350, and the 46 per cent of the total vote bagged by the PSOE do indicate the efficacity of modern political marketing techniques

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