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Scapegoating Climate Change

Atul Deulgaonkar and Anjali Joshi have described the drought exp- erienced in Marathwada in their article “Agriculture Is Injurious to Health” (EPW, 7 May 2016). As the impacts of drought, they have highlighted the low reservoir levels, depleting water levels in aquifers, failure of consecutive...

Foodgrain vs Liquor: Maharashtra under Crisis

The government of Maharashtra is offering subsidies for liquor production from foodgrains. This policy will turn jowar into a cash crop and divert huge quantities of foodgrains to alcohol production, creating scarcity and causing food inflation. Moreover, Right to Information documents have revealed the extent to which the claims made by the government have been violated - good quality hybrid jowar is being used instead of rotten jowar, and distilleries are purchasing grains from dealers and not from farmers. Rather than focusing on the acute problem of malnutrition plaguing the state, the government is promoting a policy that is clearly meant to benefit only those with business interests.
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