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Public Investment in Indian Agriculture-Trends and Determinants

Public Investment in Indian Agriculture Trends and Determinants B D Dhawan S S Yadav The determinants of private investments are fairly well identified in a behaviouristic frame in investment literature. The same, however, cannot he affirmed about public investments which have been usually treated as exogenous variables by scholars in their macro-modelling of the Indian economy. This study is an exploratory effort in establishing a functional relationship for public capital formation in Indian agriculture.

Private Fixed Capital Formation in Agriculture-Some Aspects of Indian Farmers Investment Behaviour

Contrary trends in public and private components affixed capital formation in agriculture sector have been construed in some quarters as lack of complementarity between the two investment components of agricultural capital formation. Such complementarity is believed to have existed in the planning period. This article raises some pertinent questions on the issue on the basis of an inquiry into the Indian farmers' investment behaviour through an analysis of survey data on the Indian farmers' total capital expenditure and the share affixed capital formation m farm business in such expenditure.

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