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Industrial Research and Scientific Workers

Workers S R Valluri Applied research and technological development are means to an end and not an end in themselves and unlimited basic research in these agencies is a luxury that the country cannot afford. Unless the government, through a dialogue with S and T agencies and the industry defines its priorities, investment in R and D is unlikely to produce relevant outcomes. Many of the issues raised by the Scientific Workers' Association in its current dialogue with the CSIR need to be given serious attention.

CSIR and Technological Self-Reliance

Self-Reliance S R Valluri Government policies on technological research and development have played little role in encouraging self-reliance. There is an urgent need to take corrective action so that the efforts and capabilities of institutions such as the CSIR can be harnessed towards achieving this end.

Management of R and D Institutions and Self-Reliance

Now that the government is demanding, and rightly so, that R and D institutions and industry contribute to national development in a positive manner, ii is necessary to undertake strategic long-term planning for both industry and R and D institutions. This would involve the definition of objectives and tasks, assignment of specific roles, and the establishment of appropriate linkages between R and D institutions and industry as a general policy. Without such strategic planning, R and D activities will tend to become diffuse.

CSIR Reorganisation or Dismantling

S R Valluri Unless the grave implications of the recommendations of the Abid Hussain Committee and the Fourth Pay Commission receive careful and timely attention, we may well see the skeleton of the CSIR in about a decade.

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