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Centre-State Relations in India

The recommendations of the Commission on Centre-State Relations, if implemented, should help bring about a significant improvement in relations among union, state and local governments. But this by itself will not be enough.

Coping with Droughts

Coping with Droughts S R Sen Unstable Agriculture and Droughts by C H Hanumantha Rao, Susanta K Ray, K Subbarao; Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi, 1988; pp 192, Rs 125.

Social Structure and Development

Social Structure and Development S R Sen Social Structure and Development Strategy in Asia by N K Sarkar; People's Publication House; pp xvi + 298, Rs 40, ABOUT the time that Karl Marx was developing the materialist conception of history, an old Brahmin Pandit of Calcutta lamented that "three Sens were destroying the Sanaton Dharma (tradi- tional socio-religlous system), Keshab Sen (a rationalist religious leader), Wihen (a European restaurant attracting young people) and Istisen (railway station; helping spread of modern trade. and technology)". He was no social scientist but had nevertheless a keen perception of social dynamics.

Defence Development and Administration-Some Obiter Dicta

choosing. The results are well known to all students of Indian history.
II Defence It is naive to think, as some people seun to do, that this is not likely to be repeated in this modern era of so- called 'decolonisation' and collective security of the United Nations system.


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