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Economics of Oligopoly in Oligarchy

In modern economics the analysis of the two polar scenarios of market economy and command economy has been quite thorough. But that cannot be said of the intermediate scenario of 'oligopoly in oligarchy', the basic hypotheses needed for which are more complex.

President and Prime Minister

President and Prime Minister S R Sen Democracy in government has of necessity to have some check and balance provisions, some of which our Constitution had originally provided but which were later subverted by the 42nd and 52nd amendments. This article draws attention to certain important issues on which there is an urgent need to make a formal reference to the Supreme Court.

OBITUARY-The Economists Economist

The Economists' Economist S R Sen AMIYA KUMAR DASGUPTA, friend, preceptor and guide of the last three generations of economists in the subcontinent, passed away on January 14, 1992 at Santiniketan, West Bengal. He was born on July 15, 1903 at Gaila, East Bengal. His death has created a void in the economist community which will be difficult to fill.

Oligopoly in Oligarchy

Oligopoly in Oligarchy S R Sen What the world is really heading for is 'oligopoly in oligarchy', quite different from 'market economy in democracy' that the liberals wanted and 'command economy in a proletarian dictatorship' that the Marxists fought for.

The Compleat Angler

The Compleat Angler S R Sen Between the IMF, the World Bank and the Aid Consortium, India today is caught in a vice with little freedom of action. Since the terms and conditions prescribed by the IMF and the World Bank suit the private interests of some of our own businessmen and politicians, it will be difficult to loosen the grip of the vice.

The Price of Security

The Price of Security S R Sen Unless something drastic is done to arrest the growth in defence, police and other non-development expenditures, India is likely to miss the second technological revolution and world trade boom that seems to be in the offing in the Nineties, just as she had failed to take advantage of the enormous technological changes and world trade expansion of the Sixties.

Too Late, Too Little

'Too Late, Too Little' S R Sen Non-resident Indians in business or service, while working in other countries, are second to none in efficiency, but in their own country they are usually frustrated by the 'too late, too little' syndrome. Why?

Heartland and Borderland

Heartland and Borderland S R Sen If the contagion of the political upheavals caused by centripetal forces now convulsing the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia should spread to India, the results would be far worse since the divergence between the heartland and borderland and communal and caste tensions are so much more acute in India.

On Educating and Controlling Our Masters

On Educating and Controlling Our Masters AMIDST today's flood of hi-tech printed and electronic media, we often forget the simple words of great wisdom contained in the rustic fables and proverbs of old days.

Bangladesh Retrospect and Prospect

Bangladesh: Retrospect and Prospect S R Sen A time has come, after more than four decades of painful trial and error, for Bangladesh (and some other countries of this region) to consider very seriously whether to go on trying inflexibly and again and again only the two familiar but counter-productive alternatives, viz, the presidential system (without separation of powers) and the parliamentary system (without the basic codes of conduct) or to evolve a third alternative.

Reforming Our System of Government

Reforming Our System of Government S R Sen The need for reform of our present system of government so as to make it more stable, responsible and responsive and to alter the trend towards extreme political confrontation can hardly be questioned any more. This article proposes a scheme of reform calling for the amendment of just three Articles of the Constitution

Electoral System Urgency of Basic Reforms

Electoral System: Urgency of Basic Reforms S R Sen The report of the Committee on Electoral Reforms appointed by the V P Singh government and the four bills introduced in parliament pursuant to the recommendations of the committee have not received the scrutiny they deserve.


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