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Regional Disparities, 1961-67

September 13, 1969 Between these two years, scientific manpower increased from 1307 to 2140, technical persons from 2064 to 3392, administrative staff from 818 to 1298 and class IV from 2570 to 4016.

Aid and Growth

Aid and Growth S R K Rao External Assistance and Indian Economic Growth by S Stanley Katz; Asia Publishing House, Bombay 1968 ; pp 101 ; Rs 12.
THE role of foreign capital in a country's economic growth still remains an enigma wrapped in mystery. It eludes both qualitative and quantitative assessment. While economists like Cairncross maintain that "so many countries have succeeded in industrialising themselves without much borrowing",1 Chenery and Strout believe that "in most of the underdeveloped world significant increases in per capita income depend largely on the availability of external resources".This divergence of views is mainly owing to the fact that even in the past, the contribution of foreign capital to the economic growth of different countries had not conformed to any uniform pattern.

Problems of Gestation-Investment in Public Sector Projects

An analysis of the factors responsible for long gestation lags in public sector projects reveals that most of the delays are avoidable with proper planning and co-ordination and quick deci- siur.-making by the agencies concerned with the projects.

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