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Articles By S P Shukla

On the Current Political Scene: Travails and Trajectories

The past year has been one of turbulence for both the major political coalitions - the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance and the Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance. While signs point to the Congress' further diminishing as a force and the BJP's return to an assertive majoritarian agenda, there remain possibilities for the formation of a new radical and non-sectarian alternative to emerge in the political landscape.

In Search of Radical and Inclusive Politics

The call of our times is the call for a radical and inclusive political platform which alone will confront and defeat the combined assault on the vision of the modern Indian polity that has been launched by the mainstream political parties. A failure to respond to this call will spell not only the beginning of the end of pro-people, progressive politics in the medium term, but also a paralysis of the process of democratisation, which has implications far more important than the electoral future of political parties.