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Family, Community and Social Terrain-Gleanings from the Autobiography of a Muslim Activist

Gleanings from the Autobiography of a Muslim Activist S P Punalekar This paper gleans some insights about the nature of Muslim social life in Kolhapur earlier in this century from the autobiography of a Muslim activist, Hussain Jamadar. His writings demonstrate, among other things, the deterioration, in relations between Hindus and Muslims over time.

Poverty, Management and Politics

Poverty, Tribals and Development: A Rehabilitation Approach by Anil Bhatt; Manohar Publications, Delhi, 1990; pp 93, Rs 80. IN third world countries, there is a spate of experiments on uplifting the socio-economic level of their below-poverty-line population. Even then, some of the basic problems like poverty and marginalisation of masses and social inequalities have remained intractable. Rather, they have further deepened, causing anxieties to both the development theorists as well as the development administrators. Why do the poor remain poor, despite all such conscious and elaborate efforts by the state and its allies? Why does their help to overcome the poverty not receive positive response from the vulnerable sections of society?
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