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WEST BENGAL-Rigmarole over English

sale of government shareholding in public sector undertakings. The campaign for reducing labour costs for industry by retrenchment of workers is being stepped up. The emphasis is shifting away from protection of lndian industry against unfair competition of TNCs in the Indian market. A step-up in public investment for building the economic infrastructure and raising productivity of human capital does not appear feasible to policy-makers because of the financial crunch. Moves are afoot to pacify and mollify selected foreign business interests in the fond hope of cultivating them as lobbies to play politics in favour of India and its government, This represents bogus and dangerous thinking. The upshot is likely to be that Indian politicians, senior administrators, businessmen and top professionals will be drawn more and more actively into the vortex of corruption organised by TNCs worldwide.

Move to Balance US Budget

The moves to balance the US budget by cutting down on welfare and environmental protection will affect the poor drastically.
AFTER months of debate, the US House of Representatives approved by a 227-203 vote October 26, 1995 measures to balance the budget by lowering taxes, rolling back many of the welfare schemes in vogue since the 1950s and in effect curtailing the role of federal government in welfare financing. It signalled the victory of the Republicans who promised the Americans a balanced budget by the turn of the century, cutting taxes.

Minimum Wages in the Construction Industry

of economist-statesmen like Ranade to foster collectivism as a solution for India's economic problems. Also, he stresses the deep impact of the Russian revolution and the Bolshevik experiments on Indian leaders. He also speaks of the pragmatic .socialism of Nehru. Though, he touches upon this question at a number of places, he does not formulate it consistently.

Wage Determination of Unorganised Labour in Construction Industry

in Construction Industry S N Guha Thakurta This article attempts to determine the main forces behind the movement of wages of unskilled male labourers engaged in the road and building construction projects on the basis of a field survey carried out by the present writer in the union territory of Tripura during December 1967 to November 1968, It also tries to compare the results with all-India data on the basis of published all-India data.

Employment in the Construction Industry-Does It Have to Be So Unstable

Instability of the construction industry signifying the volatility of construction investment, and the unstable and irregular nature of construction employment, are not the same thing and need to be distinguished from each other. This paper is concerned with the latter problem and its possible solution.

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