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Inflation Coming to a Halt

essential commodities seems to have created an. illusion that inflation has come to a halt. It could he argued, however, that the recent fall in prices was due to a combination of circumstances whose impact on prices cannot be more than temporary; and that the upward trend in prices would soon be resumed.

Reducing Growth Rate of Population through Declines in Mortality-A Note

Reducing Growth Rate of Population through Declines in Mortality A Note S K Rao The purpose of this note is to demonstrate how fertility rates may fall more than proportionately as mortality rates decline given certain rationalistic premises.


Trapped in the Other Man's Framework S K Rao Aspects of Indian Economic Development: A Book of Readings, edited by Pramit Chaudhuri; George Allen and Unwin, London, and Blackie and Son (India), Bombay, 1971; pp 288; $2.25, IN discussing problems of development it is so easy to get trapped m the other man's framework and get lost in the game of finding solutions within the limits imposed by it. IF a mother says to the child, 'Please, darling, go to bed at eight*, the child may refuse; if she, however, .says, 'Darling, would you prefer to go to bed at seven-thirty or eight?', the chances arc that the child would go to bed at eight! It seems to me that by debating the choices open to us with the implicit assumption that the framework is not open to question, several of the writings put together here by Pramit Chaudhuri could be playing a similar trick, at any rate on novices in the profession.

THE ECONOMY-Control of Inflation or Reduced Employment

by the landless labourers and other underprivileged people in the countryside, has often been associated with stru.utfles against landlords and kulaks. The CPI has thus generally refrained its rural base, and it seems even to get a better response than do the extremists

Measurement of Unemployment in Rural India

Following Amartya Sen, it is argued in this article that there are at least two concepts of unemployment implied in the dual function of employment ~ as a means of creating and distributing incomes. It is suggested that the income unemployed tend to be a subset of the production unemployed or surplus labour.

A Note on Measuring Economic Distances between Regions in India

Identification of backward regions in a developing country like India could be helpful in formulating plans to avoid regional disparities from getting further accentuated in the course of development.

Inter-Regional Variations in Agricultural Growth, 1952-53 to 1964-65-A Tentative Analysis in Relation to Irrigation

This article questions some earlier theses about the factors responsible for inter-regional differentials in the growth of crop-output. It argues that the most important proximate cause of the disparities in growth of crop-output during 1952-53 to 1964-65 is the differences in growth of irrigation.


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