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Corus Acquisition: Gambling for Growth?

A critical analysis of Tata Steel's acquisition of Corus, viewed in the backdrop of the development of the steel industry internationally and in India.

Investment in Steel Industry: Some Policy Issues

The steel sector depends on government actions in mines, infrastructure and human resource development. The government has to think much ahead of all market-related issues. This is why there is a need to examine a few critical issues on the development of the steel industry at the current juncture, especially in reference to the new steel policy which is now under consideration.

Steel Industry in Turmoil

The steel industry's crisis in the 1990s has affected countries where labour costs have been high, direct state support meagre, trade protection low and competition in the domestic as well as international markets has increased. The ensuing crisis, mainly in the developed world, has intensified under adverse external conditions and took in its fold the rest of the world. When new investments reduced the technological superiority of steel produced in the developed world, there was a surge of investment to upscale technology and to maintain superiority. But, the thriving capital market provided conditions for similar investment in the developing countries too. At the end of the day, the world of steel gathered more plants and assets and not as much output for sale. The deepening crisis in steel brought the contending national governments on to the international arena and protection subsidies have become common. Although the steel industry has voiced strong opposition to barriers to trade, it is these barriers that the industry has sheltered behind.

Globalisation of Steel Industry

Globalisation of Steel Industry A S Firoz The Global Restructuring of the Steel Industry: Innovations, Institutions and Industrial Change by Anthony P D

US Steel Crisis: 'Free Trade' Dumped

It is interesting that all through the recent steel crisis in the US, government agencies and politicians alike, all otherwise strong votaries of free trade, were emphatically seeking measures quite in contravention of WTO agreements.

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