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Articles By S D Muni

Constitutional and Political Predicament in Nepal

Ongoing political crisis in Nepal stems from the deep divisions in the polity across ideological orientations and along social, regional and personality fault lines. Decisions taken by the president, seemingly favouring the prime minister, entail violation of the constitutional scheme and parliamentary practices. India, driven by its immediate strategic interests to contain growing Chinese influence, seems to be tilting in favour of the prevailing authoritarian and unconstitutional regime.


The Ufa Fiasco

There have been two conflicting strategies within Pakistan relating to its India policy--the dominant hawkish one held by the military and a more conciliatory one often pushed by its civilian governments. The Ufa Joint Statement was an example of the latter but India let this opportunity slip from its hands. This was largely due to the fact that India's own Pakistan policy has now come to be dominated by hawks who consider dialogue with Pakistan fruitless.

Modi's Neighbourhood Initiative

The initial optimism about an improvement in bilateral relations with Pakistan and Nepal has largely evaporated. The Hurriyat imbroglio fi rst stalled the Pakistan initiative and with Nepal greater sensitivity needs to be demonstrated to the concerns of that country. Bureaucratic and political hurdles have to be fi rst overcome and the shadow of Hindutva hangs over India's ties with all of south Asia.