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Hindi as Link Language-A Comment

September 21, 1968 Hindi as Link Language A Comment Ruddar Datt BALDEV Raj Nayar's article 'Hindi as Link Language' (Economic and Political Weekly, February 10, 1968) is extremely analytical and thought-provoking. The author has done a great service in co-ordinating the various arguments which give Hindi "a pre-eminent position among Indian languages". Nayar, after building a case for Hindi to be the lingua franca of India concludes: "Thus, given a durable political system, knowledge of Hindi is likely to spread in non-Hindi areas and to aid in the emergence of Hindi as a more universal lingua franca in India". He appears to have avoided the discussion of the role of the Government in securing for Hindi the full-fledged status of the sole official language, which according to Nayar "depends on many other factors".

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