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Who Is Anti-People

Who Is Anti-People?
Romesh Thapsur WHAT goes on is very puzzling. Prices are rising almost every week. Food is no longer available at ration shops over large parts of the country. There are minor battles at milk queues, where there are queues. Buses arc hijacked by angry students unable to get a seat. Goal is not reaching the power stations, industrial establishments, and even the railway depots themselves. A strike fever is building in critical areas of the economy and no one moves to settle or crush these confrontations. Whenever these issues are debated in Parliament, there are scuffles, fisticuffs and what have you. And now the people in the towns are taking the law into their own hands. Headed by students and teachers, they have toppled the government of Gujarat and seem to be moving to do likewise in Bihar, albeit a little more ferociously, a little more crudely, because political parties are taking a more active role.

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