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Confusion, Dismay, Morale-Breaking

Confusion, Dismay, Morale-Breaking THE political locusts descended in swarms. A ticket in India's election lottery obviously means a great deal of money- making, particularly when there's no limit to aid and assistance in black money from 'Mr Clean' himself. And, now, the streets around the homes and offices of the patronage-peddlars are empty again.

Who is Rajiv Protecting

Who is Rajiv Protecting?
Romesh Thapar RATHER dramatically, and in terse sentences, a Citizens1 Commission composed of men with distinguished records of service to the nation

The Muck of the Indira Years

The Muck of the Indira Years Romesh Thapar POLITICAL speculation around the assembly elections in these days of informatics' (forgive us our modern phrasemongering!) is for ever searching for the kind of instant political gimmickry that is likely to be let loose on us to influence our thinking and our voting. Well, we can't miss it now. A sprawling 'espionage' net has been unearthed, and rooted naturally in the Prime Minister's very own secretariat

Youth Power, and Beyond

Youth Power, and Beyond Romesh Thapar THEY are at it again, the editors,, the pen- pushers, the picture-takers, the interpreters of politics and economics. They are constructing a make-belief hero of Rajiv Gandhi who is said to be learning so fast that even the most cynical bureaucrats are startled by "the depths (sic!) of his understanding". They are piling up expectations which will not be met. I suppose this is the new style of our empty political life- good looks, sartorial elegance, a sophisticated ambience in simple, uncomplicated sentences, oozing sympathy. It is such a contrast to the motley crowd of politicians we know.

Our Euphoric Times

Our Euphoric Times I WOULD have thought that by now we had become immune to statements of good intention, and the plethora of transfers, sackings and appointments which accompany the installation of new governments in this benighted land. Turn back the pages to Indira Gandhi's ascent to power, even Lai Bahadur Shastri's, or Morarji Desai's, always the same ritual of exciting hopes and expectations. And when the decrepit elephantine system absorbed the vibrations, the old ways returned us to the status quo with all its mysteries, now laced with mounting corruption and harassment.

DOSCOS in Saddle

DOSCOS in Saddle Romesh Thapar ANYONE studying the Delhi scene with a certain degree of seriousness is going to find it near impossible to

New Ball Game

December 8, 1984).
Politically, the dangerous potential of the election campaign has been recorded. The threats to get rid of Opposition governments in the states

The Deceptive Continuities

The Deceptive Continuities Romesh Thapar THESE lines are being written even as election polls contradict the news reports from the constituencies and suggest powerful Rajiv 'waves', Swings' and 'whirlwinds'.. Whatever their validity, they are bound to influence the undecided, and those mobs who love to see themselves on the winning side. These polls should be prohibited before elections, as in France.

The Rajiv Party and the Hindus

The Rajiv Party and the Hindus Romesh Thapar IF only we could tune in to the talk in the chaupals of village India, then we would begin to feel the pulse of this sprawling sub-continent. So much of what passes for commentary in our newspapers is a collection of hunches concocted over cups of indifferent tea and coffee, sometimes beer loaded with preservative glycerine, or the scoopy whispers passed on by the coteries which surround the creatures called netas, i can imagin village India's gloomy forebodings. Are we under a graha, the evil shadow of a planetary conjunction? The aftermath of the assassination, the terrible holocaust which shattered the life and peace of the Sikh communities, the cyclonic visitations in the South, the horrendous poisoning of thousands in Bhopal, the failure of the winter rains and the drought over vast areas is only the beginning of many uncertainties.

Defeating the Political Hijackers

Defeating the Political Hijackers Romesh Thapar IT is only natural to feel dismayed by the faction fights within parties and, let it be stated over and over again, the stupid personality tussles between parties. One of the tragic results of political activity since the Emergency is the marked emphasis on individual clout rather than the relevance of programmes and the implementation record. Why sould we be surprised. The existence of Indira Gandhi managed to conceal the filth of our political life. Now it is revealed in all its detail.

The Truth Is Savage

The Truth Is Savage Romesh Thapar EVEN as Rajiv Gandhi's managers are trying desperately to keep the sentiment around Indira Gandhi's assassination alive

The So-Called Indira Ticket

The So-Called Indira Ticket Romesh Thapar "INDIRA is dead. Long live Indira." This cry raised here and there is to become the manifesto of the ruling Congress(I) in the elections scheduled for December. What value is there in this ticket? Is the idolising of the Delhi Establishment reflective of what this sprawling sub-continent feels? Or will we be rudely awakened to face the realities of our polity in the weeks ahead?


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