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Towards a Feminist Fiscal Policy in a Post-pandemic Economy

With the COVID-19 pandemic receding in public memory, many of its long-standing effects on the economy and especially vulnerable groups such as women also seem to be forgotten. This is reflected in policymaking as well, as witnessed through a feminist analysis of budget documents.

Gender Equalisation through Feminist Finance

The onslaught on the rights of women, both as economic agents and as citizens, is based on the interlocking of macroeconomic policies with prevailing patriarchal structures, the foundations of which need to be unravelled, visibilised, and visualised with the primary purpose of combatting the ongoing process of gendered de-equalisation. It is in this context that the concept of “feminist finance” is articulated, especially in relation to the emergent non-enabler role of the state.

Faculty Resolution on Suspension of Neeraj Hatekar

The following is the resolution passed at the Faculty Meeting of the Department of Economics (Autonomous) of Mumbai University on 6 January 2014 on the suspension of Prof Neeraj Hatekar by the university. There was one dissension:

Twelfth Plan: Patriarchy as Macroeconomic Construct

Crucial in relation to the ongoing debate on engendering the Twelfth Plan is the incorporation of the myriad manifestations of the patriarchal-macroeconomic construct. The foundations of financial and monetary structures and policies are closely integrated with women's multiple economic roles. This article focuses on the gendered ideological underpinnings of the prevailing macroeconomic architecture.

Manufacturing Fragmentation and Flexibility

Flexibility of Labour in Globalizing India: The Challenge of Skills and Technology by Jeemol Unni and Uma Rani (New Delhi: Tulika Books), 2008;

Gender in Neoclassical Economics-Conceptual Overview

Conceptual Overview Ritu Dewan Attempts at analysing women's exploitation and oppression and on that basis evolving a theoretical perspective have. because of their interdisciplinary approach tended to isolate women' s studies as a new social science. As a result existing disciplines have benefited little from the new perspective of women's studies. A case in point is economic theory as it is generally taught.

Humsheera, Humsaya Sisters, Neighbours-Women s Testimonies from Kashmir

In the clamour of reports about the increasing violence in Kashmir, people outside the state have lost sight of what is happening to ordinary people of the Valley, especially the women.

Rural Female Labour and Economic Development

Rural Female Labour and Economic Development S D Sawant Ritu Dewan The assumption that the benefits of economic development are equally shared by both men and women is disputable, particularly with regard to the rural population.

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