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The Convergence of Peasant Struggles Worldwide

A plethora of problems face Southern and Northern family agricultures in the current neo-liberal era of financial capital domination worldwide, and has paved the way for the revival of peasant struggles for their social emancipation and legitimate right of access to land and food. Obviously, such struggles also concern all categories of workers and people because what is at stake is the challenge to reach food sovereignty and to build our societies at the local, national and global levels, on the principles of social justice, equality and real democracy.

Reflections on the Current Crisis and Its Effects

The crisis of capital at the present juncture when capitalism is deeply financialised is extremely difficult to resolve. The main structural problem of the system is the downward pressure on the rate of profit, but further financialisation is no longer a sustainable solution. The demands of fictitious capital to be remunerated can only be fulfilled by the transfer of an ever greater surplus of productive capital, and this is possible only through an ever-increasing rate of exploitation of labour. The relaunch of a fresh cycle of expansion however requires the destruction of gigantic amounts of fictitious capital, but such devaluation risks pushing the capitalist system towards collapse. Clearly, it is time for the left to come up with radical proposals and, in this respect, the most difficult questions to deal with are those concerning money and finance.

Anti-Cuban Embargo

George W Bush on May 6 signed a report of the 'Committee for Aid to a Free Cuba', which lists a series of measures tightening the embargo. The new measures approved by him affect the rights of Cubans who have acquired US citizenship and who reside in the US. The embargo has also been broadened to prevent the free circulation of scientists and scientific knowledge.

Need for Alternatives to FTAA

The Free Trade Area of the Americas constitutes the spine of a globalising strategy aimed at restructuring the hegemony of the US on the global system, and comes at a time when Latin America has been weakened by numerous crises.

US Embargo against Cuba

The US embargo against Cuba deserves to be condemned in the strongest terms for the violation of law it represents and for its total lack of legitimacy.

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