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A Dominant Presence in Indian Labour Economics

Labour economist Dipak Mazumdar (1932–2018) framed the way in which employment issues in India and developing countries are thought of.

Governance and the 'Karnataka Model of Development'

This paper considers the idea of a 'Karnataka model of development', with its emphasis on technology and governance-led development. It is the introduction to the papers in this issue of EPW on 'Governance and Development in Karnataka'. Based on the papers in the symposium, and on the wider literature, it explores the interpretation and application of the idea. It argues that while some of Karnataka's experience does indeed conform to the model and thus holds out lessons for development, there are significant gaps between reality and the model, and these gaps have lessons for development as well.

Goldilocks Development Economics

Economics Not Too Theoretical, Not Too Empirical, But Watch Out for the Bears! RAVI KANBUR distinction, was once asked how much In this brief note I would like to set down some of my thoughts on the issues raised in this symposium. My perspective is to see development economics through the lens of mainstream economics. My conclusion is that the balance between theory and empirics is an ongoing process, in economics no less than in development economics. No doubt the pendulum will swing this way and that, and each swing will bring about its own correction. The balance will tend to be restored. But the really big issues for development economics are also the big issues for economics as a whole

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