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Restoring Normalcy in Uttarakhand

In their anxiety to restore normalcy in Uttarakhand, both the central and state governments are refusing to face the real reasons behind the devastation caused after the recent floods. These include misplaced development priorities that ignored the ecological fragility of the region. To reduce the possibility of such disasters repeating themselves, the entire Himalayan region needs to adopt a different developmental model that is sensitive to the environment and the survival needs of its people.

Work Patterns of Rural Women in Central Himalayas

The work patterns of rural women in the central Himalayas are influenced by many factors. The mountainous terrain and the migration of men from the region create a difficult work situation for all women who live there. This study looks into the effect of two factors, marital status and season, on the work patterns of rural women in the central Himalayas. Season has the biggest effect on agricultural work, which dramatically increases during the monsoon season, and fuel collection, which increases during the winter season. Understanding the work patterns of rural women will help development programmes to begin involving them in their activities, first through capacity building so they have time to participate, and then involving them in decision-making so women can help reduce their own drudgery.

UNITED STATES-Disenchantment Returns

UNITED STATES Disenchantment Returns Ravi Chopra ONE hears a lot of talk about how the spirit of the sixties has disappeared. College campuses have become passive. Nothing concerns the students of the seventies more, than getting good grades. The radical leaders of yesteryears, particularly the darlings of the media, describe their onetime radicalism as adolescent outbursts, sell Jesus Christ or some Indian gurus. The more 'revolutionary' types come out of the underground, periodically, as they age, to submit to the justice of the system they condemned so violently. There are others who have chosen to stay involved. They prefer now to convert than to confront. They run for city council elections, state legislatures, the Congress, the Senate and even the Presidency. By various words and actions they are spreading the message to their fellow-citizens that the system can be changed from within.

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