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Kerala - Aquarian Reforms: Will 'Actual' Fishermen Benefit?

The Kerala government's move to grant exclusive fishing rights in the common property fisheries will be economically unsound even if politically expedient. It is also likely to result in the elimination of many marginal and subsistence fishermen, who will be forced to sell their fishing rights to big business.

State of the Environment in Kerala

Kerala has achieved markable progress in the fields of health, literacy, housing, etc, and earned worldwide praise for the quality of life of its people. It is now considered a model for people in other parts of the world to follow.

Managing World Fisheries-Third World s Loss

Third World's Loss Ramakrishnan Korakandy THE unilateral extensions and declarations of territorial rights by coastal states, particularly in the early and middle 1970s, largely anticipating the outcome of the third Law of the Sea sessions, had prompted the FAO's search for solutions to the problems of changed global fishing rights, powers and control. The Law of the Sea, even in the making and control. The Law of the Sea, even in the making and finally by its adoption in 1982 of the 200-mile exclusive economic zone, had threatened global fishing fleets of the distant water fishing nations, of their eventual displacement by domestic fishing vessels of local states and of the resulting excess capacity in fishing fleets and installations of the distant water fishing nations. It was also feared at that time that this would eventually affect the global fish supplies and the economies of the distant water fishing nations. The impact of the fall in supply was expected to be severe in the developed countries of Europe and America, which are the major importers of fish from the distant water fishing nations. The FAO, as the watchdog of developments in global fisheries was called upon to checkmate the developed countries' strategy.

Purse Seine Fishing in Kerala-Its Economics and Politics

on lavish displays of electricity consumption during weddings and other social functions, can serve this purpose. The relevance of such curbs lies not so much in the quantum of energy, saved, which may be insignificant, but in the awareness that they help create.

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