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Science in the Public Sphere

Investment in research or in scientific activity is ultimately a community decision, supported by public funds. Scientists, therefore, have the responsibility and the moral obligation of accurately communicating their ideas and results to the public. Of necessity, some of this can be restricted to an audience of peers, but it is essential to communicate the results of publicly funded research to a wider audience. Scientists and communicators of science share the additional responsibility of responding to fallacious and misleading statements on issues pertaining to science that are made by persons holding public office and those who play a prominent role in society.

Indian Higher Education in the Digital Age

We need to pay attention to global trends in higher education so that we can develop the right kind of higher education system for India in the digital age. We need to make a significant investment in education technology, and make it with imagination and after careful planning.

Science, Education, and Research in India

The state of science, education, and research in India is not satisfactory on either of two counts: the benefi ts that have accrued to society at large have not been commensurate with the scale of investments and comparisons with other countries can be very unfavourable.

Integrating Mathematics and History: The Scholarship of D D Kosambi

Today, D D Kosambi's significance as a historian greatly overshadows his reputation and contributions in mathematics. Kosambi simultaneously worked in both areas for much of his adult life, and to understand the body of his work either in the social sciences or in mathematics, an appreciation of the complementarity of his interests is essential. An understanding of Kosambi the historian can only be enhanced by an appreciation of Kosambi the mathematician. In a fundamental way, Kosambi embodied the multidisciplinary approach, channelling diverse interests - indeed combining them - to create scholarship of high order.

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