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Articles By Rama Sampath Kumar

Kremlin Comeback: The Putin Overdrive

With a weak opposition and consistent economic growth, the 2012 presidential elections were widely expected to be a cakewalk for Vladimir Putin, allowing his executive tenure to continue for another 12 years under the constitutionally revised extension of the presidential term. However, the plummeting of support for his United Russia Party in the State Duma elections and mass demonstrations against widespread vote manipulation may force the Russian leader to look at reinventing himself.

From Kosovo to Georgia: The US, NATO and Russia

Separatist movements across the globe are demanding self-determination and independence, prompting major powers who are seeking geopolitical advantage to intervene in these regions. The endorsement of Kosovo's independence by the United States and the recent conflict between Georgia and Russia over separatists in South Ossetia have set precedents for others. If the major powers continue to involve themselves in such issues, there is the danger of the tensions deepening and spreading to a wider canvas.

Russia : Putin's Confrontation with Oligarchs

Much of the debate on privatisation of health care has been based on the assumption that the private sector provides a better quality of services than the public sector. Efforts are on to restructure public institutions on market principles to promote efficiency. However, a recent report on Delhi's private hospitals is a shocking reveletion of their questionable management practices with regard to workers as well as patient care.