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The Movement for Telangana: Myth and Reality

The movement for a separate state of Telangana refl ects a longstanding demand for autonomy in social, economic and political matters, a call that has been denied for over half a century even as the region has continued to suffer within the larger state of Andhra Pradesh. Many myths and counter-arguments are being peddled by those wanting to retain the status quo.

OBITUARY-M Shatrugna

ambitious and corrupt individuals to profit at the cost of the people. If left parties and their allies hesitate to take a firm principled Shatrugna did not belong to any party or even a group. Yet he was politically involved in many ways with left and democratic movements.

Blacks against Blacks Violence in South Africa

in line with the verdict of the Supreme Court on the Mandal report. His measure is right to the extent that OBC reservation is constitutionally meant only for those who are socially and educationally backward and not .for those who are backward on economic or gender lines. Hence, exclusion of the poorer (economic) upper castes from enjoying the benefits of reservation would be correct under the given constitutional provision. But the new scheme of reservation is constitutionally not valid in retaining reservation for SC, ST and OBC women. The verdict of the apex court nullifies reservation on the basis of sex. And Yadav is very much aware of it as is evident from his statements on the issue. But he has made reservation for backward class women. Secondly, he has removed the income tax (economic) criterion which formed a part of the old scheme debarring income tax payers from the benefits of reservation. This goes against the decision of the apex court regarding exclusion of the 'creamy layer' of the OBCs from the advantages of reservation. The Yadav government should have first identified the 'creamy layer' of the OBCs and then implemented the new scheme. Or if he was in such haste, he should have retained the JEAN PAUL SARTRE in his preface to Fanon's Wretched of the Earth wrote "Fanon hides nothing, in order to fight against us the former colony must fight against itself: or, rather, the two struggles form part of a whole" [1]. He continues "when they are taught what shame and hunger and pain are, all that is stirred tip in them is a volcanic fury whose force is equal to that of the pressure put upon them. You said they understand nothing but violence? Of course; first the only violence is the 'settlers'; but soon they will make it their own; that is to say. the same violence is thrown back upon us as when our reflection comes forward to meet us income tax criterion which could have prevented at least a part of the 'creamy layer' of the OBCs in Bihar from cornering the benefits of reservation. Apart from these important loopholes Yadav is not opposed to making a constitutional amendment providing reservation for the economically poorer upper castes. He needs to take a similar stance concerning reservation for women so that if he is not to be portrayed anti-(upper caste) women. Lastly, Yadav has further consolidated his base among the OBCs by introducing the new scheme expanding reservation for them, allaying MBCs fears and completely excluding the upper castes from drawing any benefits of reservation. However, there would have been greater polarisation on caste lines benefiting Yadav, had there been agitations against his scheme by the upper castes. Obviously, Yadav has to think of other moves in his crusade against the age-old hegemony and domination of upper castes in Bihar. After all, he has to realise his ambition which he frequently reiterates at public meetings by using a picturesque Hindi proverb: 'Bees saal tak mai moong dalunga dushmano ke chhaati par' (translated literally, it means that he will continue to sit like a grinding stone on the chest of his enemies for 20 long vears).

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