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Approach to Pricing Policy

need-based production centres of women, which would cater to the day-to-day needs of specific communities and would bypass the market structures that devalue women's labour. The suggestions in the book however, are largely at a macro level. Ward, in her article, quotes the International Centre for Research on Women. They propose that 'governments oversee TNC employment, provide alternative training for women, and enforce protective regulations on health and safety issues. Governments also should work with other nations to avoid the bargaining that leads to runaway plants. Further, labour-intensive plants that produce for local consumption should be encouraged so that capital stays in the country. Women workers should have access to equal employment opportunity, the right to organise, and opportunities for managerial experience." The articles have outlined many other broad suggestions. These however need to be much more concretised, as the problem seems to be assuming gigantic proportions and affecting greater numbers of women.

Financial Resources for the Sixth Plan-Feasibility Analysis

Feasibility Analysis D R Gupta Ram N Lal The Sixth Plan has been criticised with respect to its macro estimates of saving and investment, and with respect to the various components of financial resources envisaged to be raised for the public sector plan.

National Accounts Statistics for India

National Accounts Statistics for India Ram N Lal The White Paper on National Accounts Statistics issued annually by the Central Statistical Organisation (CSO) aims at presenting time series estimates of national income and related aggregates. The latest White Paper was released in the second week of February. 1977.

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