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International Trade and Developing Countries

October 11, 1969 organisations, especially the World Bank. This Western pressure has been particularly obvious in recent years in the case of fertiliser projects, a frequent adjunct of oil refineries." In marshalling his facts and making his point, Tanzer is effective. But it is rather naive of him to believe that the United Nations can do much in the strategic area of oil, He perhaps remembers how the Western powers ganged up against Lumumba to support the Belgian mineral interests in the Congo. Oil is an even more touchy area. But if India is independent in oil and can get out of the clutches of the Western money-lenders, it can play a real role in helping other developing countries, even better than can the United Nations. But this is a long-term hope. For the present greater exposes of the oil monopolies may help, but again, marginally. The other way is what Fidel Castro has shown in Cuba
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