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VOTING IN INDIAI-The Political Change of 1967

The Political Change of 1967 Rajni Kothari This paper deals with the most interesting political question thrown up by the 1967 elections: the change that the elections registered in respect of electoral behaviour which led to a decline of Congress preponderance in the country. An attempt is made to describe this in terms of patterns of regularity and change and the factors responsible for these patterns.

Towards a Political Perspective for the Seventies

Rajni Kothari The first phase of Indian politics, institutionalised under the system of competitive dominance under Congress, came to an end in 1967. This was reflected less in the loss of Congress power in a few States than in a more drastic shift in loyalties caused by a growing congruence between issue orientation of voters, economic discontent, disaffection with government and defection from Congress.

Political Consensus in India-Decline and Reconstruction

Decline and Reconstruction Rajni Kothari The political consensus as it was developed under Jawaharlal Nehru had two principal components: institutional consensus and ideological consensus.

India s Political Transition

Rajni Kothari A change of political institutions

Party Politics and Political Development

' The political system that has been developed in India is a fascinating and impressive one and has so far shown considerable reserves of strength. However, the system is also undergoing profound changes in its operation and is pressed by a growing number of problems.


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