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Power Subsidy for Farm Sector

A response to “Subsidy and Efficiency of Groundwater Use and Power Consumption in Haryana” by Sucha Singh Gill and Kulwant Singh Nehra (EPW , 22 December 2018) puts to question the conclusions drawn about the effects of “extra” irrigation and the reasons for shift in crop patterns in Haryana.

Crop Residue Burning

A response to “Crop Residue Burning: Solutions Marred by Policy Confusion” (Sucha Singh Gill, EPW, 8 September 2018) discusses how in situ utilisation of crop residue is not only the best option, but also a feasible one, evident in the practices of organic farmers of even Haryana and Punjab, where residue burning is the most prevalent. Off-farm usage of crop residue may be better than burning as it addresses the issue of air pollution, but it is only the second-best option as it leads to soil fertility depletion.

Fourth World: Marxian, Gandhian, Environmental...

The idea of the 'Fourth World' as enunciated by M P Parameswaran, a leading thinker from Kerala, is a new concept of a post-capitalist society. It can form the basis for Marxists, Gandhians, environmentalists, feminists, socialists, dalits and peace activists to work together. It offers a theoretical space for all these movements.

Lijjat and Women?s Empowerment

commission agents. So, the whole organisation is certainly not worked Lijjat and Women
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