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Ambedkar Will Teach the Nation from His Statues

The pointed finger of Ambedkar statues symbolically conveys the meaning of lecturing, or teaching the nation about democracy and fraternity. The politics of proliferating Dalit iconography is one of seeking visibility and asserting one’s right to access public spaces. However, clashes routinely erupt over such iconography given the upper castes’ fear of their threatened hegemony.


The Subversion of Institutions and Creation of a Cultural Discourse

The KR Narayanan Chair for Human Rights and Social Justice, Mahatma Gandhi University in Kottayam, Kerala held a two-day lecture series in January 2017 in the memory of the former President of India K R Narayanan. Imbibing the ideals of the former president and his penchant for Nehruvian and Ambedkarite political-economy, the invited speakers for the lecture series spoke about how forces of communalism and private-global capital have subverted our institutions in order to turn our discourse away from political issues and towards cultural ones.

Addressing Caste Prejudice

“ will get a job, because you are an SC,” I used to hear this from my neighbours from the Other Backward Classes (OBC), Thiyya castes. Some used to treat us “lower” than them. “Oh you people get stipend, so you can study” is another sentence Dalits used to hear from anywhere in Kerala.

E-grantz for Dalit Students

The educational grants to the students of the dalit, adivasi, and backward communities such as stipends and fellowships form an aspect of state affirmative action. Easy access to such assistance is as important as its adequacy. The transparency in its distribution is also a matter of concern.

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