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Washington Takes Aim at Immigrants

matter. It should also be noted that the legislators whom the speaker disqualified had done nothing in the house to merit any such punishment. A memorandum submitted to the governor is hardly a proper ground tor the speaker to act upon, because the speaker, like a judge, should confine himself to the matters presented to him in appropriate manner. Disqualifying a legislator is a long and a tedious process. Jaspal Singh, by defying the whip issued by his party the Janata Dal in the previous assembly was a clear-cut case for disqualification, but it took more than nine months of inquiry proceedings before disqualification could be pronounced. The deputy speaker acted upon the first memorandum presented to the governor to recognise the new party, but neglected the subsequent splits. Parikh's request was not backed by any documents submitted to the house in a proper form. The deputy speaker gave no opportunity to the majority party to have its say in the matter. He also disregarded the agenda of the house in the matter of the vote of confidence in the ministry. The adjournment of the house WHEN Bill Clinton signed the recently passed welfare bill into law on August 22, it set the stage for some of the most sweeping cuts in a system of social security upon which millions of poor and elderly people across the US depend upon for survival. But what has received less prominence is a key feature of the bill that would deny legal immigrants who are not naturalised citizens any access to welfare benefits.

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